Champaign City Council - 10/20/20

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City Council Meeting Call to Order 00:00:16

City Attorney 00:02:43

CB2020-117 00:05:32

An Ordinance Exercising Home Rule Authority to Maintain Normal City Operations on Election Day 2020

CB2020-118 00:08:50

A Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Execute an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Town of Normal

CB2020-119 00:10:08

Resolution Approving a Special Use Permit to Allow Office Use of More than 10,000 Square Feet in the MF3, Multifamily High Density, Restricted Business District (WITHDRAWN)

CB2020-120 00:11:35

A Resolution Approving the Preliminary/Final Plat of Haroun Subdivision

CB2020-121 00:13:33

A Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of a 3D Laser Scanner Focus S70 from Faro Technologies, Inc.

CB2020-122 00:15:00

A Resolution Accepting Bids from S. Shafer Excavating Inc. to Demolish Various Properties Located in the Garden Hills Subdivision

CB2020-123 00:18:41

A Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Execute an Agreement for Collection Services for the Multifamily Recycling Program

Audience Participation 00:20:53

Council Comments 00:25:05

Vouchers and Payroll 00:30:00

SS2020-025 00:32:00

Public Safety Records Management System

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