Champaign City Council - 10/5/21

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10/5/2021 12:00:00 AM


City of Champaign Township 00:00:16

City Council Meeting Call to Order 00:09:07

Fire Department Oath 00:09:47

CB2021-035-037 00:13:20

An Ordinance Amending the Annual Budget for Various Funds; An Ordinance Amending the Position Control Report and Salary Schedules of the City of Champaign for the Fiscal Year 2021- 2022; An Ordinance Amending the Rates of Compensation for Employees of the Champaign Public Library and the Annual Position Control Report for the Champaign Public Library for the Fiscal Year 2021/22

CB2021-038-039 00:15:15

A Resolution Approving a Grant Agreement with the Federal Emergency Management Agency for a Fire Prevention & Safety Grant; An Ordinance Amending the Annual Budget for the General Fund

CB2021-040 00:16:37

A Resolution Approving an Amendment to the Neighborhood Programs Manual

CB2021-041 00:17:18

An Ordinance Approving the Right-of-Way Dedication Plat for Palmer Drive and Accepting the Dedication

CB2021-042 00:18:09

A Resolution Approving a License Agreement for the Use of City Right of Way

CB2021-043 00:20:11

"A Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Execute a Professional Services Agreement with Lochmueller Group, Inc., to Provide Engineering Services for the Mattis Avenue"

CB2021-044 00:24:34

"A Resolution Approving a Change Order with Clark Dietz, Inc. for the Public Works HVAC Project"

CB2021-045 00:25:31

"A Resolution Approving an Engineering Services Agreement with ESCA Consultants, Inc., for the 2022 Infrastructure Maintenance Project"

Public Comment 00:29:03

Council Comment 00:56:52

Vouchers & Payroll 01:11:27

Study Session 01:12:24

Use of Technology to Address Violent Crime

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