Champaign City Council - 12/7/21

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12/7/2021 12:00:00 AM


City of Champaign Township 00:00:16

City Council Meeting Call to Order 00:04:53

Fire Oaths 00:06:11

CB2021-162 00:09:56

A Resolution Adopting the City Council Vision and Goals for the 2021-2023 Council Term

CB2021-163/164 00:11:44

"An Ordinance Levying the Annual Taxes for General Purposes in the City of Champaign, Illinois for the Fiscal Year Beginning July 1, 2021 and Ending June 30, 2022; An Ordinance Directing the Champaign County Clerk to Abate the Tax Levies for Library Operating and Improvement Funds, the General Corporate Purpose Fund, the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund Levy, and Federal Social Security Levy for the Tax Year 2021"

CB2021-165/166 00:13:41

A Resolution Approving a Subrecipient Agreement with CU at Home for Low Barrier Emergency Shelters; An Ordinance Amending the Annual Budget for the General Fund

CB2021-167 00:28:32

An Ordinance Annexing Territory Pursuant to Petition

CB2021-168 00:29:24

"An Ordinance Amending the Zoning Map of the City of Champaign to Rezone the Property at 1712 South Duncan Road, 2909 Watterson Court and a Vacant Parcel on Watterson Court from the MF3, High Density Multifamily Residential and Restricted Business Zoning District to the CO, Commercial Office Zoning District"

CB2021-169 00:31:57

"An Ordinance Approving a Special Use Permit to Allow a Contractor Shop in the MF1, Low Density Multifamily Residential Zoning District"

CB2021-170 00:53:15

"A Resolution Approving a Professional Services Agreement with Farnsworth Group, Inc. to Provide Engineering Services for the Van Doren and Pine Street Sanitary Sewer Project"

Public Comment 00:54:17

Council and City Manager Comment 01:10:35

Vouchers & Payroll 01:13:12

Study Session 01:14:03

Police Hiring Process Follow Up

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