Champaign City Council - 12/21/21

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12/21/2021 12:00:00 AM


City Council Meeting Call to Order 00:00:16

Police and Fire Oaths 00:01:20

Public Hearing 00:11:07

CB2021-171 00:14:32

A Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Continue Administration of a COVID-19 Employee Leave Policy

CB2021-172 00:15:32

An Ordinance Approving an Annexation Agreement Between the City of Champaign and East Staley Springfield, L.L.C.

CB2021-173/174 00:16:38

An Ordinance Authorizing the City Manager to Execute an Agreement to Vacate a Public Right-of-Way and Reserve Easements; An Ordinance Vacating a Public Right-ofWay and Reserving Easements

CB2021-175 00:30:16

A Resolution Rejecting a Bid for the 2022 Tree and Stump Removal Project

CB2021-176 00:31:05

A Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of Road Salt

CB2021-177 00:33:13

A Resolution Accepting a Proposal for the Rehabilitation of the Lower-Level Roof at the Public Works Department Building

CB2021-178 00:37:43

"A Resolution Authorizing the Purchase and Installation of Automated License Plate Readers, Gunshot Detection, and Related Equipment from Flock Group, Inc."

Public Comment 03:00:30

Council and City Manager Comment 03:26:27

Vouchers & Payroll 03:27:14

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