Champaign City Council - 5/17/22

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5/17/2022 12:00:00 AM


City Council Meeting Call to Order 00:00:16

Special Recognition 00:02:32

"Fire Oaths, Proclamation: Eagle Scout Anthony Frasca, Jr."

CB2022-077 00:13:28

"A Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of Cyber Liability Insurance Through USI Insurance Services, LLC. "

CB2022-078 00:14:32

A Resolution Approving the Purchase of 6 Network Switches

CB2022-079 00:15:19

"An Ordinance Amending Section 2-24 of the Champaign Municipal Code, 1985 as Amended "

CB2022-080 00:16:22

A Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of One Brush

CB2022-081 00:17:18

A Resolution Accepting a Bid for the 2022 Sewer Rehabilitation Project

CB2022-082 00:18:17

A Resolution Approving the FY 22/23 Annual Budget for the Champaign-Urbana Solid Waste Disposal System

CB2022-083 00:19:19

A Resolution Approving the Purchase of Lockers and Their Installation for the Public Works Department Men's Restroom Locker Replacement

CB2022-084 00:20:17

A Resolution Accepting a Proposal for a Traffic and Lighting Maintenance and Repair Agreement

Public Comment 00:21:37

Council and City Manager Comments 00:41:33

Vouchers & Payroll 01:02:38

Study Session 01:04:04

Budget Memo 2022/2023: Proposed Capital Improvements Plan; Economic Development Programs Budget

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