Champaign City Council - 7/26/22

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7/26/2022 12:00:00 AM


City Council Meeting Call to Order 00:00:16

CB2022-126 00:02:05

A Resolution Appointing Madison Story and Reappointing Adrianne Brehm to the Historic Preservation Commission in the City of Champaign

CB2022-127/128 00:03:06

"An Ordinance Amending Section 10-22.1(b) of the Champaign Municipal Code; A Resolution Granting Comcast of Illinois/Indiana/Ohio, LLC, A Cable Television Franchise Extension Through December 1, 2031"

CB2022-129 00:04:43

"A Resolution Approving a Third Amendment to the Second Amended and Restated Intergovernmental Agreement with the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois Relative to Funding for the Champaign County Convention and Visitors Bureau, Champaign County Economic Development Corporation and 40 North/88 West, Inc. "

CB2022-130 00:07:10

A Resolution Designating a Developer of Record for 47 East Main Street

CB2022-131/132 00:08:18

"A Resolution Approving an Engineering Services Agreement with Clark Dietz, Inc. for the 2023 Concrete Street Improvements Project; A Resolution for Improvement of Streets by Municipalities Under the Illinois Highway Code "

Public Comment 00:10:04

Council and City Manager Comment 00:16:04

Vouchers and Payroll 00:31:11

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